TIANDY TC-2824/TC-2816/TC-2812, rackmount enterprise NVRs, are turnkey products 
with Industrialsuited and redundant design, these’re reliable and suitable for 
large-scale projects, including governments, homeland security, city surveillance, 
airports, seaports, mining, offices, factories, campuses, hotels, banks, etc.. 
TIANDY M6 series are flexible to scale up projects with VMS Platform (300~5000ch) 
or CMS Platform (64~300ch) to suit your needs.

Support Onvif Profile S & Onvif 2.2
Supports 90+ brands of IP cameras and 2000+ models.
TIANDY offers better and more flexible PTZ control than ONVIF.
TIANDY advanced Motion Detection integration surpasses ONVIF.

Scale up Projects with VMS/CMS
TIANDY TC-2864/TC-2816/TC-2812 NVRs are suitable for VMS platform (300~5000ch) or
CMS platform (64~300ch) to scale up the projects to meet your needs.

HD Empowerment
TIANDY unique software has advanced features such as MVP, ROI, Turbo Mode Plus, etc.
that offers high performance video recording
and display.

Smooth Video with Exclusive Video Playout Control
Built-in Exclusive Video Playout Control technology that enables smooth video and 
limiting of video quality degradation for different situations like uniform Camera 
Time Stamp, Unstable Network Conditions.

IVA Functions and POS Integration
TIANDY POS editor integrates with all different POS machines via TIANDY POS Box, that's
 suitable for retail chain stores. The TIANDY software also
combines with IVA functions such as MVP, e-fences, missing object, foreign object for more analyses.

Powerful Alarm Management
Alarm notification by Pop-up, E-mail, DI/DO (Modbus Support) when video loss, sensor triggered, HDD crashed,
 system crashed, abnormal transaction, e-fence, video motion detection, etc. 

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